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Suite Room with Semi Open-Air Baths on main building

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  We take pride in our rooms with private semi open-air baths on main building. Right outside these stately 12-mat rooms youll find a staircase leading down to your own semi private open-air bath! Soak in the fresh mountain air as you bathe in a natural hot springs alongside a babbling mountain valley stream with a starry sky overhead. Carved right out of rock this outdoor bath will wash away all your daily worries and fatigue. Big enough to accommodate 2-3 people at a time. Please make your reservations early during the busy season as there are only 2 such rooms available and they are always in high demand.

【Equipment and amenities】Washlet toilet, sink, plasma television, air purifier, humidifier, refrigerator, massage chair and other amenities (face towels, bath towels, Yukata, toothbrushes, hair dryer)

Honke bankyu
749 Yunishikawa ,Nikko-shi,Tochigi-ken,Japan 321-2601
TEL: 0288-98-0011

Honke bankyu