Honke bankyu


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Main building room with toilet

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  Traditional Japanese  room has 10 tatami or larger in our popular main building .You can enjoy  listening to the sound of clear river and  view of the deep mountain scenery whatever the season.

These rooms are classic wooden building and every room is with precious wood offers a unique and different design, letting you relax in traditional Japanese hometown .

(Choice of lodging plans are available, but not specific room designations)

【Equipment and amenities】Washlet toilet, sink, plasma television, air purifier, humidifier, refrigerator and other amenities (face towels, bath towels, Yukata, toothbrushes, hair dryer)

Honke bankyu
749 Yunishikawa ,Nikko-shi,Tochigi-ken,Japan 321-2601
TEL: 0288-98-0011

Honke bankyu