Izu InatoriOnsen Hamanoyu

Breakfast and Dinner Plan -standard plan-
Gourmet Ryokan Hamanoyu's one-night, two-meal standard plan

The vast plain of the ocean, filling your view!
The horizon, describing a gentle curve...A magnificent seascape stretches away before your eyes.

Quintessentially "Izu" seafood lies at the heart of our cuisine, and we change our menu every two months to weave in seasonal ingredients and seasonal colors.
Soak in a hot spring, warm your body to the core, and take your time.

Breakfast and Dinner Plan -standard plan-
Breakfast and Dinner Plan -standard plan-

(I-Type)Superior Japanese-Style Room with Open-Air Bath(Interior non smoking)


Gourmet Ryokan Hamanoyu's carefully prepared menu is something that could only have been created in Izu.

For our tsukurizato sashimi, we serve local and seasonal fresh fish, including sugatazukuri (whole fish sashimi) of red bream.

Served to you in your room. Depending on the number of people in your group, meals may be served in a private room in the restaurant.

【Onsen Baths】

The whole of the rooftop floor has been used to create a wide range of baths, with no less than 16 bathtubs in all.

 In the morning the sun rises from the horizon, and before you lie the vast plain of the ocean and the Seven Islands of Izu.

After nightfall, enjoy a private time while gazing at the moon and a sky full of stars.
Breakfast and dinner included
15:00 - 18:00
H・I・M-type 10:30/Other 10:00
Payment method
Credit settlement on the web site

Rooms that can be selected under this plan.

Availability and price varies with room. If reservations cannot be made with the desired conditions, please try changing the room.

(I-Type)Superior Japanese-Style Room with Open-Air Bath(Interior non smoking)

Room layout:16.5 m2 + 9.9 m2 + veranda + indoor bath + open-air bath
Renovated in 2002. A spacious room with two washrooms and an anteroom with a wide lobby and veranda offering a view of the ocean. The relaxing corner room offers guests an ocean view from both the side and the front.

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