Miyako, a tranquil spot that soothes the spirit

AMAOTO-Bungalow Guest Room with Rotemburo
■Bungalow AMAOTO
Background music that is sometimes sad that sometimes gently tells a story.
The sound of the rain hitting concrete is cold the sound of the rain hitting trees is soft.
The quietly falling sound of the rain speaks softly to the soul…
Saying goodnight.

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Note: Prices below are per person based on 4 guests in one room.

AMAOTO-Bungalow Guest Room with Rotemburo
AMAOTO-Bungalow Guest Room with Rotemburo
離れ 「雨音」AMAOTO
■Guest Room■
Bungalow AMAOTO
○Rotemburo attached(rock bath)
○Interior bath
○10 tatami Japanese-style room
○Wooden-floored room with dirt floor
○Private garden

Sample the Kaiseki Ryori with Hida Beef
Kaiseki Ryori rich in local colour making use of typical Hida ingredients.
Taste the most glittering moment of the numerous ingredients utilized to the maximum in the cuisine that is brought to your private room dish by dish.
Quietly enjoy the specially ordered artists crockery gem art that is served up clearly and colourfully in a heartwarming space.
Beautiful food and a beautiful space…this will most definitely stay in your heart as a vivid memory.

*This plan is not available for those accompanying children under 12.

Choose from Japanese or Western breakfast.
○Enjoy Japanese breakfast by cooking it yourself on a charcoal fire
○Western breakfast which boasts fluffy freshly-baked bread
Select your preferred breakfast.

■Private Rotemburo■
Shigaraki-ware ceramic baths
Taking a rotemburo bath while gazing up at the refreshing blue sky or the starry heavens is exceptional.
There are two ceramic baths in the garden which can be used as private baths (free of charge) Bathing times: 15:00 - 9:00 next morning (reservation not required / no time limits)

■For Female Guests■
○Free rental of a selection of Yukata
○Free gift of dedicated amenity pouch

Meals are served in the dining room.
Room type
Bungalow Guest Room with Rotemburo
Private dining room
Private dining room
Payment method
Credit settlement on the web site

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