Accommodation plan for one person
If you are a hard worker, we would then like to offer this plan for you so that you can relax and refresh yourself without being disturbed by others.
Accommodation plan: one night with two meals

Accommodation plan for one person
Accommodation plan for one person

露天風呂付特別室 あせび
Special room Asebi
You are supposed to have your meals in your room.
Payment method
Credit settlement on the web site

Rooms that can be selected under this plan.

Availability and price varies with room. If reservations cannot be made with the desired conditions, please try changing the room.

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* The calender will change.
Special room Asebi

This room has been available since June 9, 2012. It consists of a Japanese-style room with a bed room, a moon-viewing platform with a footbath, an open-air cypress bath and a roof terrace, and they are all located on the top floor of our hotel because we would like to give you a relaxing space where you can feel liberated from your everyday work.

Cuisine: we are very pleased to serve you with our special kaiseki cuisine prepared by Akinori Matsumoto, our master chef. Our kaiseki menu changes every month. We hope you can spend a relaxing time with someone you cherish.

*Our hotel is a wooden building constructed on the mountainside. We are very sorry we may trouble elderly or physically-disabled guests because no elevators but only stairs are available here. Please understand it before you make a reservation.

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