Normal accommodation plan

Normal accommodation plan
Payment methodCredit settlement on the web site

Accommodation plan: one night with two meals
You are supposed to have your meals in your room.

Please note at Yamanochaya we serve KAISEKI style cuisine.

This includes the use of miso, soy sauce and bonito stock in all of our seasonings. We are afraid we will not be able to accommodate in case you have restrictions in these seasonings.

During the regular season we gladly accommodate requests for different preparations or substitutions; however during the new year holiday {Dec 28th thru Jan 10th} all of our local markets where we source our fresh fish, meat and vegetables are closed and we will be unable to serve requests for changes to our base menu.

Bookings during this time period can only be made with this understanding.

We apologies for any inconvenience this may pose.

We look forward to seeing you soon and Happy New Year!

Upgraded meal plan

Upgraded meal plan
Payment methodCredit settlement on the web site

 *Room type:  1.Standard room/Tsukimidai room C without an

                                         open-air bath.

        2.Tsukimidai rooms with an open-air bath.

We serve the same gourmet meals as those for the Special rooms with an open-air bath.
Our Executive chef Akinori Matsuki is responsible for planning the menu for Japanese-style multi-course dishes (known as Kaiseki) of each month so that you can fully enjoy the taste of our specialties.

(Please note that this upgraded meal plan applies for all the individual guests in the room.)