Winter Luxury: Wild Tiger Pufferfish Full Course B. Enjoy famous Yamaguchi delicacies, from pufferfish sashimi to pufferfish roe. (Two meals with an overnight stay)

Image of the Pufferfish Full Course: With pufferfish sashimi, pufferfish hotpot, deep fried pufferfish, pufferfish roe, and pufferfish rice gruel, this full course allows you to enjoy every part of Yamaguchi's famous tiger pufferfish.
Period21 Jan 2019 - 29 Mar 2019
Meal(s)Breakfast and dinner included
Payment methodCredit settlement on the web site

The Wild Tiger Pufferfish Full Course Plan is a limited time menu option, available only during winter, from November to March the following year. Have your fill of the chef's special selection of Yamaguchi Prefecture's famous tiger pufferfish.