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Special room A (Yama no Tomoshibi)

Special room A (Yama no Tomoshibi)
This is a new duplex special room equipped with an open-air bath, which has been available since March 2008.
Total area: 88 square meters (947 square feet)

Room layout: it consists of an 8-tatami-mat-sized Japanese-style room with a 6-tatami-mat-sized moon-viewing platform and an open-air bath on the lower floor as well as a 7-tatami-mat-sized bed room with a 7-tatami-mat-sized moon-viewing platform on the upper floor.

Bath: plenty of our special hot-spring water is poured into the open-air bath. The size of the bath is large enough for two guests.

Cuisine: we are very pleased to serve you with our special kaiseki cuisine prepared by Akinori Matsumoto, our master chef. Our kaiseki menu changes every month.

We hope you can spend a relaxing time with someone you cherish.

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Stay Plans

Normal accommodation plan


from 44,770yen per person
(Rate per room for 2 person(s))

Upgraded sliced raw fish plan


from 48,400yen per person
(Rate per room for 2 person(s))

Accommodation plan for one person


from 54,450yen per person
(Rate per room for 1 person(s))